The stylised contours of Latvia with its four cultural-historical districts reflects the uniqueness of LMT – we’re one of us.

Logo with slogan

We use the logo together with THINK – DO in situations, where the LMT brand image is being advertised, as well as in sponsorship and public relations materials.

We don’t use the logo together with THINK – DO in sales promotion campaigns for 5G, product and service packages, and appliances – phones, computers, televisions, etc., and in retailing interior and shop display designs

We never use other words instead of THINK – DO including the names of other LMT products. For example: LMT suggests, LMT recommends, LMT Smart TV, etc. If it is necessary to use such combinations of words, then we write them in the layout as words.

We never use the LMT logo as a copy component.


For representation materials, souvenirs, clothing informal occasions, it is permissible to use the symbol without the LMT word mark. In situations where the full logo has already been used once, the symbol can be used separately as a graphic element of the brand. We primarily use the full colour logo.

  • Full colour symbol
  • Monochrome colours symbol
  • The full colour symbol is to be printed in the defined brand CMYK or Pantone colours.

  • We use the monochrome colour symbol in one of the brand colours. We also use it in situation when colour print restrictions exist.


We always adhere to this area surrounding the logo. The secure logo space should not contain headlines or other design elements. In this space, the background image must be monochrome.


When placing the LMT logo in a layout, the ratio of the logo to the layout and the free area surrounding it must be respected.

  • Outdoor layouts
  • Posters and press layouts
  • 1/5 h – the secure area of the logo, which should not contain headlines. Any image in this space should be monochrome.

    1/7 h – space which should not contain headlines.

  • Example A4

    The secure space of the logo which should not contain headlines must be respected. Any image in this space should be monochrome.


Using the logo in small sizes, its legibility and clarity must be preserved. In print and digital materials, the dimensions should be as small as is allowed.


Awareness of LMT must be built continuously, therefore we strictly adhere to set visual identity principles.

Product logos

In creating materials for Tower games, 5G, LMT Stream and LMT Card, we use the logos created for them.


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In order to make the logo more distinctive, we darken or lighten the image under it.

We do not place the LMT logo in materials located in LMT client centres.

When placing the LMT logo in layouts, its free space must be respected.

We always write "LMT recommends" as copy. We never attach to the word "recommends" to the LMT logo.


Logo package
RGB, CMYK, BW and Pantone